Quality You Can Count On

Rely on KBK to meet the highest standards for safety,
quality control and accountability.

KBK Industries sets high standards, met by expertly trained and committed production employees. Our staff is so invested in your tanks that we sign our names to each one. This accountability reminds us that we’re helping your operations run more smoothly—and more profitably—every day.

Whether you’re ordering a complete oil recovery solution or an individual custom or stock tank, we emphasize and guarantee quality in every phase of the production process. All production phases are traceable and tracked to ensure consistent adherence to fied production standards.


We operate according to the highest standards of safety and quality control, as confirmed by industry standards, inspection and evaluation. We hold regular audits of processes, procedures, materials and data sheets.


We design, fabricate, build to, and reference the following standards:


We offer comprehensive design and customization services to meet your specific requirements. From fittings to tank bottom configuration, we can tailor your system to achieve system operating pressures as well as maximum efficiency and reliability.