KBK HWSB Skim Tank Technology

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KBK HWSB Skim Tank Technology

KBK HWSB® skim tanks are the centerpiece technology of our oil-water separation system. Featuring a patented design that is becoming the industry standard for SWD plants and production separation applications, our skim tanks provide up to a 5x improvement in oil recovery rates versus traditional gunbarrel tanks.

Designed for high-water cut applications, our HWSB skim tanks are proven to:

Separate virtually all oil from water, to an average of less than 30 ppm Improve pad site and SWD profitability Pay for themselves within just a few months Better clarify water for injection, reducing well plugging and well bore damage Dehydrate separated crude to pipeline quality (in most cases) Remove the need to use costly chemicals in your SWD separation process

KBK HWSB skim tanks that meet your specific requirements are available in a wide range of sizes and are complemented by high-quality fittings—flanges, couplings, manways, thief hatches and gaskets. Gel coats and pigments are available in a variety of colors, to protect the exterior of the tank from ultraviolet (UV) rays.