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Gunbarrels are best used when oil volume exceeds water volume in the produced fluids. Manufactured with a high-quality isophthalic resin, our gunbarrels are chemically resistant to all types of crude oil and salt water. Standard gunbarrels include:

  • 8 threaded fittings   
  • 24” manway   
  • Round thief hatch (4 oz pressure/
    0.4 oz vacuum)   
  • 3” dogbone in flume   
  • Lift lugs   
  • Walkway brackets   
  • 6” x 3” internal siphon 
  • Ladder

KBK gunbarrels that meet your specific requirements are available in capacities ranging from 100 to 1,000 bbl, and are complemented by high-quality fittings—flanges, couplings, manways, thief hatches and gaskets. Gel coats and pigments are available in a variety of colors, to protect the exterior of the tank from ultraviolet (UV) rays.