Free Water Knockouts

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Free Water Knockouts

Free water knockouts are horizontal pressurized vessels that provide a space for free water to settle out of a well stream. They provide a low-viscosity flow with a large oil/water interface area that allows the maximum amount of water to settle out. A free water knockout reduces the water load on a treating system where a large volume of water is present. KBK designs free water knockouts to meet your working pressure requirements. Each tank is pressure-tested to 75 lbs, mounted on two fiberglass stands and engineered with a 10:1 safety factor.

KBK free water knockouts are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific requirements. Standard free water knockouts include:

  • Female threaded fittings   
  • Flanges   
  • Trunion  
  • Float  
  • Lift brackets

A complete valve kit and concrete pad are available upon request. Gel coats and pigments are available in a variety of colors, to protect the exterior of the tank from ultraviolet (UV) rays.