Make Every Drop Count

Boost oil recovery and profits

Maximize your oil recovery

Up to 78 times more hydraulically efficient than traditional gunbarrels, KBK HWSBTM skim tanks are at the heart of every KBK oil recovery solution. This tank are best utilized for high water cut situations such as salt water disposal facilities or production sites. 

They are proven to: 

  • Improve recovery rates by as much as 5x
  • Separate virtually all oil from water, to an average of less than 30 ppm Improve pad site and SWD profitability
  • Pay for themselves within just a few months
  • Better clarify water for injection, reducing well plugging and well bore damage
  • Dehydrate separated crude to pipeline quality (in most cases)
  • Remove the need to use costly chemicals in your Salt Water Disposal separation process

KBK DFSDTM desanders complement our skim tanks. Using proprietary technology, our desanders reduce maintenance costs by removing the suspended, abrasive solids that adversely impact pump and piping life.

Driving Water Quality

Injecting 500-1000 ppm oil into the SWD well is the equivalent to pumping 3,000 to 6,000 pounds of well plugging "goo" into the injection well every day. That's 547.5 to 1,095 tons of “goo” annually. The KBK HWSBTM skim tank in conjunction with the DFSDTM desander significantly improve injection water quality which extends well life and increases your businesses profitability. 

How it works
Revolutionary design for high water cuts

KBK HWSBTM skim tanks feature overall hydraulic efficiency approaching 72% (considered the real-world maximum). This compares with 3-5% for gunbarrels. There’s no better oil recovery system in the world than one based on KBK HWSBTM skim tanks and configured by KBK engineers.

Support at every step

Our engineers and service team work with you from concept to startup and beyond. Let our oil-water separation experts provide a custom oil recovery solution, optimized for your input and production requirements through proper piping design recommendations and the selection of pumps and associated equipment.

Where possible and preferred, some of your existing equipment may be able to be reused. KBK also offers stair and walk, tank pads and engineered water legs. 

How Much Can You Recover?

Find out your real oil recovery potential with a KBK solution.

Number of barrels is required.
PPM is required.
Gravity of oil processed is required.
Total solutions
Complete Oil Recovery Solutions

KBK HWSBTM skim tanks are the foundation of every KBK oil recovery system. But that’s just the start. We provide a comprehensive solution to maximize oil recovery, clarify water to injection/disposal quality and improve your ROI.  These solutions include facility automation, valves, low sheer pumps, tank technology, stair and walkway products, containment, tank pads, installation of piping, tanks and stair and walkway. 


Storage Tanks
Storage Tanks

Our steel and fiberglass tanks, ranging from 100 to 1,500 barrel capacities, are in every major U.S. oil and gas basin, withstanding extreme weather conditions ranging from North Dakota cold to Kansas wind and Texas heat. Tanks are also available for agricultural, industrial and municipal operations.

Storage Tanks
Salt Water Tanks

Use KBK steel and fiberglass tanks, from 100 to 1,500 barrel capacities, to store produced salt water and oil at oil and gas wellsites and at SWD plants.

Storage Tanks
Oval Tanks

Tanks range from 20-to-100-barrel capacities and have proven their endurance for storing and hauling corrosive and noncorrosive liquids.



Storage Tanks

Gunbarrels are used for the economically efficient and low-maintenance treatment of oil in low water cut applications.

Storage Tanks
Free Water Knockouts

Free water knockouts are horizontal pressurized vessels that provide a space for free water to settle out of a well stream.



Storage Tanks
KBK Skim Tank Technology

Our patented HWSB skim tank for oil-water separation system dramatically outperforms traditional gunbarrel tanks in high-water applications such as salt water disposal facilities.

Storage Tanks
KBK Desander Technology

Rely on our patented DFSD desander to efficiently remove the abrasive solids from the drilling fluids that cannot be removed by shakers. The DFSD desander will prevent solids from filling tanks in your battery and will extend the life of your well.